Saturday, September 17, 2011

Good Golly, It's That Time of Year Again

With this wonderful weather comes the sweetest smells from my kitchen. I love baking, especially in the fall months when the heat is most welcome. I love the look on my child's face when he says, "What are you making today, mama?', and then the "mmmm...." comes strolling in as he impatiently awaits the goodies that will soon fill his belly.

He loves the end product of my baking sprees as much as I enjoy the process, the journey. I am far from domestic, but the kitchen is my playground as often as possible and this Fall will be no different. Deliciousness will radiate from my kitchen at every possible turn and I will keep you all updated on new recipes and the rants of the day that will go along with them.

Yay Fall! I love you and I sure have miss you!!!

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